Monday, August 5, 2013

Last week, last letter

Hello friends and family

Well... not sure what to say... Last week here in the mission and I´m just about going crazy. I´ve got a mix of emotions. I want to come home but I´m going to miss the happiness and even the upsets of the mission. It has been something I have never felt before. The bishop made me give my testimony in sacrament meeting even though I  have this next Sunday to do it. And of course I cried... Every member after kept asking me if I seriously was going home in a week. I don´t feel like its coming to an end.
Well this week was a disappointment. The lady that we had with a baptism date for the day I left got sick and now can´t be baptized. We were really bummed that she couldn't go. Well... it has definitely taken some patience to work with my comp.
This week we had an elder get emergency transferred... lets just say flirting with girls in your ward in front of the stake pres... is A STUPID IDEA... He got transferred and only has a week left also. I had told the AP´s about it and they had given him one chance left... He went on ahead and did it still. He got transferred out and another gringo got transferred in.

I am finding it extremely hard to stay awake and not fall asleep. I feel like every day I have less energy. I don´t plan on waking up early, shaving or walking the week I get home. 

This week we are going to work the hardest we have ever worked. I realized that I will probably not baptize again. but I figured I´m going to do all I can to leave the sector the best I can before I leave. I have completely re done our map and put on it where all the members live and all the INV´s live. My Comp has no idea what he is doing and is still completely lost here in the sector. It is really kind of sad.

Well I have no idea what to say... I love you guys and will see you... Next week...
Elder Torgersen

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